Manufacture creation history

Dear friends! We are very happy to share our company's creation history with you!

The founder of the production is an armenian family, who lives in Lutsk. Initially, our first product – home basturma – had been produced exclusively for home use as a natural meat product. By the way, basturma is a dining dish in Armenia. At once, our friends discovered the unusual enjoyable taste of this product. It had no analogues in the region!

Step by step, the «basturma» news surpassed all our region as «natural meat product». It began to gain widespread popularity as a natural meat product. In the early years, basturma was made at home due to normal causes. Despite this, every institution wanted to regale this product with their visitors.

Very soon our sales began to increase. All the meat pieces are cut carefully for the correct future form. That's why amount of remaining raw material increased. Therefore, it was decided that the rest of the top grade meat will go to another national product – jerked sausage (soujouk). Our friends liked soujouk immediately! So it became a delicacy sausage for home use.

Thus, natural meat use priority paved the way for a successful family business.

It is available to produce basturma and soujouk in 5-6 days due to appropriate equipment (see the article: «Basturma: history and nowadays»). «Armeniko» family prefers to observe the old traditions technology. Consequently, our product produces for 3-4 weeks. We choose only the environmentally high-quality raw materials as well as national recipes compliance. Therefore, «Armeniko» production has got an appropriate value in contradistinction to other manufacturers analogues.

Of course, we improved our technological process to the top level. We found a valuable experience and necessary equipment. Eventually, we have increased the range of our products! It leaded to receive calls even from people from other cities! Pleasantly, the institutions and shop networks prefer the more expensive, but quality product. It is more pleasantly that this cooperation is increasing in volume and becomes even more mutually beneficial!

Our family manufactures meat products for 15 years! During this time was acquired important experience in business relationship with you!

Web-site is the best calling card in the internet network. That's why launching is appropriate due to premium products demand in our country.

We are pleased to all visitors of our web-site and || (we) encourage for active fruitful cooperation!

Expect more interesting publications in the near future!