Eco-shop "ShashlikIAN" products

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We are glad to introduce our big friend and partner, eco-shop "Shashlikian", which also produces high quality tasty products. These products are available only here! All documents are available.

Products assortment:

- Armenian sweet sauce

- Armenian sweet-hot sauce

- Armenian super-hot sauce

- tsitsak (pepper pickled in Armenian style)

- tsitsak (pepper pickled in Georgian style)

- adjika

- burr cheese

- tan

- Suluguni cheese, brynza

- brynza with tarragon

- lavash

- pita lavash bread (leaf)

- baklava honey

- jam apple

- jam with Greek nuts

- narrow

- tea "Caucasian Freshness" (bouquets of Caucasian herbs)

- basturma

- sujuk

- Grape leaves for cabbage leaves. You can order products directly from the manufacturer or through the eco-store. Minimum volumes for purchases – according to solution.

Contacts: Lutsk, Sobornosti Ave 14b, : +380970747004 (Robert)

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